Art Career Success with Local Businesses

Local businesses are often the best places to sell your original arts and crafts. If your goal is gallery representation, local sales can build your reputation, and fill in your resume. In addition, income from local sales can exceed what you earn with some galleries.JOIN REGIONAL ART ASSOCIATIONSMost communities have an art association of some kind. You’ll find them listed in the yellow pages of your local phone book, and sometimes online. Look in categories such as “Clubs”, “Associations”, and so on.These groups are usually a mix of professionals and eager amateurs. At their meetings, I’ve seen everything from gorgeous, $10K watercolors to crocheted dolls in unnatural colors & fibers. No two groups are the same. Visit as a guest before joining, and see if the association or club is right for you.Most art associations sponsor regular gallery shows in their own meeting place or in a town hall or library meeting room. They often have at least one outdoor art show, at which you can display your art and perhaps demonstrate your techniques.Art association meetings include regular demonstrations (of art technique) by artists who will usually sell some art to the members, too. This can be a good outlet if you want to do demos.Start by creating a form letter that you’ll send to every art association in the phone book. When the demo is announced, make sure that the publicity mentions that you’ll have art for sale, too. The art association takes a commission based on how much you sell, and everyone goes home happy.USE THE ART ASSOCIATION’S CONTACTS FOR LOCAL SALESMany art associations have working relationships with local businesses, especially restaurants, bookstores, beauty salons, and banks… anyone with blank wall space that wants an “art show” to generate interest. (They use this to attract visitors and for press releases, publicity, etc.) Libraries are less likely to be able to offer work for sale, but it depends upon the local laws.This works best if the sales go through the art association. Next to each piece of art, place the art association’s business card. On it, write the title of the art, the artist, the price, and how to contact the art association for more information.Of course, this should be something better than voicemail; someone needs to be on hand to answer the phone. A member who works at home is good for this job.If your local art club hasn’t done this before, help them to set it up. The art association can have a single phone number, and use Call Forwarding to whomever is manning the phones that day.HELP YOUR ART CLUB TURN PROFESSIONALIf you are in an art association that doesn’t have a working relationship with local businesses, bring it up at the next business meeting. Some members may already work at offices or shops that would cheerfully display your art.There are issues to sort out, including how the art is insured, if it’s protected from damage, and so on. You can check with other art associations and see how they handle it.Once you start contacting businesses about displaying local art, you may be surprised at how easy this is.ART ASSOCIATIONS AND CREDIT CARD PURCHASESIn most cases, the art association makes the sale, and has a merchant account that accepts checks and credit cards. The art association takes a percentage of the sales, usually about 20%. At the end of the month, the association issues a check to everyone whose art sold that month.IF YOU CAN’T FIND THE RIGHT ART GROUP FOR YOUR WORKIf you don’t have a local art association–or if their interests don’t match yours–start your own. A simple, free announcement in the local newspaper will attract interest, and your public library can probably provide a free meeting room.Selling your arts and crafts locally is a great first step for any artist. In addition, it’s usually fun, brings you recognition from your neighbors, and adds a little extra beauty to the businesses that participate.

Private Health Insurance Vs Public Care

Australians are lucky when it comes to health care. When illness or injury strikes, there is no question regarding your access to health care, whether or not you own private health insurance.The Australian government guarantees that everyone is entitled to Medicare to help cover many medical needs; but few people realize what the limits of their Medicare coverage are, and where private health cover fits into the equation.When you don’t have a solid understanding of the difference between what Medicare covers and what your health insurance covers, it’s difficult to make the best decisions for yourself and your family when it comes to planning for the future and protecting your finances if an unexpected illness or injury disrupts your lives. By comparing health plans, you can get a better idea of how much private health coverage actually costs, and what it can do for you.Who needs private health coverage? Doesn’t Medicare cover all of your health insurance needs? What if you’re a young couple or family with no reason to worry about health issues?It’s important to start by understanding how Medicare works, and what coverage it does and does not provide.Medicare was introduced in Australia in 1984 as the country’s public health cover system, guaranteeing access to free or low-cost medical and hospital care for every Australian citizen and permanent resident.The Medicare system offers access to a public hospital and treatment by a hospital appointed physician. While Australians receive excellent care through the Medicare system, there are little to no options when it comes to selecting the hospital in which you will be treated, or even when you will be admitted.Under Australia’s Medicare program, any treatment that does not fall into the “emergency” category is considered to be elective, which places patients on a long public hospital waiting list to be seen.Australians can improve their health care situation by purchasing private health cover to augment Medicare, which you retain even when your private health plan takes effect. When your health insurance strategy includes a private policy in addition to Medicare benefits, you have the option to choose treatment as either a private or public patient in a private or public hospital. The decision is up to you.People with private health coverage earn choice and flexibility when it comes to their own care. Your health insurance allows you to choose the physician or specialist responsible for your treatment, the schedule for admission to the hospital for treatment, and quicker access to any elective surgery you may be having.Your insurance will cover most if not all of those costs that Medicare does not pay, and you can avoid waiting on a public hospital list for the treatment you need.It’s important to check with your insurer and read your policy details before you schedule a hospital stay to be sure your health insurance covers your particular procedure.When it comes to receiving treatment outside of a hospital, Medicare will cover 100 percent of the cost to visit a general practitioner, specialist, or medical center. In fact, your private health plan cannot by law pay for costs incurred when visiting a physician or specialist outside of a hospital.Still, there are plenty of medical services that Medicare does not cover, but your health insurance can, including:- Physiotherapy.
- Chiropractic services.
- Remedial massage.
- Psychology consultations.
- Ambulance.
- Most dental exams and treatments.
- Hearing Aids
- Glasses and contact lenses.
- Podiatry.
- Certain therapies including occupational therapy, speech therapy, and optical therapy.
- Natural therapies like acupuncture and homeopathy.If you or your family needs or wants access to these services, your private health plan can include coverage for the specific treatments you will be seeking.The best way to make realistic decisions regarding your family’s coverage is to first make sure you have a good understanding of Medicare. Determine what coverage your family needs according to your age, lifestyle, and whether or not any preexisting conditions need to be considered. Compare health insurance policies to find the best coverage to fit your needs and your budget.Speak to an insurance consultant and ask for a thorough explanation of all the benefits available to you, both through Medicare and your private health insurance. No one can put a price on the health and financial well-being of their family. Augmenting your Medicare benefits with private health coverage in an excellent way to achieve financial protection and peace of mind.

Lake Travis Homes Provide Joy To Outdoor Lovers Of All Ages

Living in Lake Travis homes give outdoor lovers everything they need. Austin fully furnished condos on Lake Travis oversee one of the most beautiful lakes in the United States. At 65 miles long wide and 4. 5 miles wide, Lake Travis’s beauty overwhelms the most seasoned nature lovers near Lake Travis homes.Just a short distance away from Lake Travis homes fishermen catch some of the best fish. Four types of bass and catfish live in the lake. Whether you cast your line from a canoe or a large family boat, you will soon fill your vessel with many fish without having to travel far from the Lake Travis homes. Austin fully furnished condos near Lake Travis provide the perfect place to rest after a long day on the water.Other water lovers find plenty to do in Lake Travis homes. Parasailing grew into a popular water sport in the past few years. Traditional water sports such as water skiing still give water sport lovers a thrill near Lake Travis homes. Park your jet ski near your Austin fully furnished condos and take them on the lake for a day of fun and sun.Those who fear the water spend hours walking the lakeshore near Lake Travis homes. The shore provides plenty of natural beauty–just a short walk away from Austin fully furnished condos. Bird watchers find many different species on the shore. Botanist study many different forms of vegetation near Lake Travis homes.After a day outside, eat in one of a dozen restaurants near Lake Travis homes. You can find nearly every kind of cuisine on the lakeshore from barbecue to Mexican to Italian near Lake Travis homes. If you crave a simple meal, visit one of the hamburger restaurants near the Austin fully furnished condos.If you want to cook at home, you find everything you need in Lake Travis homes. All stainless steel appliances adorn Austin fully furnished condos. Modern conveniences such as a coffee maker, microwave, blender and a dishwasher sit in the kitchen of Lake Travis homes. Eat in the dining room or sit on one of the two decks of the Austin fully furnished condos.After dinner, watch a movie on the 42-inch plasma television in the living room or allow guests to watch a movie in the guest bedroom on their own in the Lake Travis homes. The guest bedroom of the Austin fully furnished condos features a CD player, a DVD player, a VCR and a 27 inch television–a great amenity in Lake Travis homes.If you use your Lake Travis homes for intimate getaways, lit a fire in one of two fireplaces after a romantic nature walk. The Austin fully furnished condos come with Williams Sonoma wine glasses and recessed lighting throughout the Lake Travis homes sets a romantic mood. The sunset and sunrises from the decks of the Lake Travis homes highlight a perfect weekend.After a night of rest in Lake Travis homes, head back outdoors to enjoy the natural beauty again. With the lake just a few feet away from the Austin fully furnished condos, residents easily enjoy the best nature offers near Lake Travis homes.